All tyre brands available with Just Motorcycles

Choosing the right Motorcycle Tyres

One of the most important components of any motorcycle is its tyres. Whatever style of bike you’re riding, we’ve got the bike tyres for you in Basingstoke. We offer the biggest brand names in motorcycle tyres including, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli and Metzeler. In addition, we can order bike tyres with the majority available on a same/next day fitting.

What are the different types of Motorcycle Tyres

At Just Motorcycles, we offer tyres for scooters, motocross, off-road, adventure, sport, sport-touring, racing street, and custom. All tyres we order come from the very best manufacturers. Looking at the design of motorcycle tyres, there are three main construction types available:

Motorcycle Tyre tread depth requirements

When checking your motorcycle tyres, always keep the tyre tread greater than a minimum of 2mm for safety and security. The minimum depth of motorbike tyre tread is 1mm, but you’ll have much better road contact and stability if you change your tyres before they wear to such an extent.

Weight also has an impact. If you carry a pillion passenger or heavy loads with any frequency, adjust your tyre pressure by adding 3-5 PSI to compensate for the extra weight and protect your tread.

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